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Warts are microscopic, non-invasive, skin cancerous and usually present as a single or multiple nodule or papule on the skin. Warts are often confused with other types of cancer (such as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma) but they are different and have different symptoms. There are two kinds of wart: cutaneous and subcutaneous (skin) warts. Cutaneous warts are not cancerous. Warts are generally removed surgically with a pair of scissors. Warts are a form of skin cancer. Subcutaneous warts are found on the surface of the skin. They are sometimes called superficial melanoma or subcutaneous warts. Both of these kinds of warts are treated by a doctor.

A Word About "Warts" The word "warts" is derived from the Latin word for "thorn." It has been used to describe warts since the time of the ancient Romans. In English, "warts" is used to refer to a wart. It is common to find it on people who don't have warts. People with warts may not have any obvious symptoms or signs that they have a wart. Most people with warts have no visible symptoms. People with warts who do have symptoms can have a variety of things, and the most common are: itching, redness, or irritation of the skin.

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